Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to update the customer’s email address?
You can edit the customer’s email address from the appraisal via the Appraisal Information link or at the complete step. Select the correct option based on your needs, Yes – Save to Profile and Appraisal, No – Just Save to Appraisal.

I no longer see the appraisal number, customer name, and customer number at the top of the blue bar on the left hand side. What happened and how can I fix it?
You are no longer in the appraisal. Click Appraisals to go back to the appraisals screen, and then go back into the appraisal. If you see the login screen instead of the list of appraisals, you have been completely booted out of the system. If you were entering pictures when this happened, the picture uploads were likely not saved, and the pictures will need to be uploaded.

I have finished my appraisal, but the appraisal will not Complete. What can I do to Complete the appraisal?
Check that you have made a selection for all of the selections.

Make sure that you have a carat weight in the weight (single stone) box. If you are trying to give a total weight for the melee of different sizes, you will still need to put in an average weight here for an individual diamond.

Make sure there are no extra characters in boxes with weights or measurements, or unusual characters or punctuation marks (other than appropriate decimal places) in any of the fields.

How do I remove a plot that has shown up accidentally?
Go to the component that is showing the plot. Click the reset button on the Diamond Plot page. Click Save Appraisal in the Navigation bar bar at the bottom left hand side of the screen.

I have an appraisal with a lot of pieces. Will it save?
The appraisal will save, but to be on the safe side, Complete Appraisal along the way. Enter the information for two (2) or three (3) pieces and check to see if it will complete. Then you will have fewer items to troubleshoot if it does not work. You can recomplete it as many times as needed.  You can save a max of around 45-50 items for each appraisal, depending on the size of the pictures.

How do I use the price override check box?
If you use the price override check box, only enter the total value. Do not enter a cost or a mark- up. Do one or the other, either cost/mark-up or override the calculation and enter a price. Also do not enter a comma “ , “ into this field.

Why doesn’t my appraisal update when I click Complete Appraisal after I have updated the appraisal?
Click Save Appraisal in the blue side bar at the bottom left hand side of the screen. You may also want to clear your cache (delete your browser history); the system may be stuck on a previous version of the PDF download.

Why doesn’t my new item show up in the PDF after I completed the appraisal?
Click Save Appraisal in the blue side bar at the bottom left hand side of the screen. The item should update & show up on the PDF. Another option is to delete previous downloads of files.

How do I move through the appraisal faster?
They can use the navigation links at the bottom of the Navigation bar on the left side to skip around between the pages. Also you can use the save button at the bottom of this bar if they are in the middle of the appraisal, and want to save a change to one page, without clicking through all the pages again to hit the save at the end. This is a Master Save button for the program.

What if my customer is a couple with two (2) last names?
When you are selecting the appraisal type, enter both last names so that we can search on the customer record. Use the additional name field after you have selected the appraisal type.